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Community Projects

Hack 4 Good is actively working to support improvements and ongoing maintenance related to each of the following Community Projects.

Interested in contributing to one of these projects? We invite aspiring or experienced Designers and Developers to attend our free Hack Night Events and find out how to get started.

Help SGF

This project is a collaboration with Annie Busch, a community leader who has been working on homelessness issues for eight years. For the dozens of Springfield groups and agencies that help the homeless, communication is a big challenge.

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The Northwest Project

The Northwest Project is working to move 500+ families in Northwest Springfield Missouri out of poverty over the course of 5 years. This is a collaboration between Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Drury University, Missouri State University, and the Drew Lewis Foundation.

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Life Strengths

This project is a collaboration with I Pour Life. This mobile app is designed to help at-risk youth through their Life Strengths program.

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Borrow My Angel

Hack 4 Good will help Borrow My Angel develop an application designed to help anyone affected by depression & suicidal crisis find strength and hope through online connections and resources.

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Annual Hackathon

Our annual competition gives designers and developers an opportunity to build a simple solution for a specific well-defined community project over the course of a weekend.

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Quarterly Hack Nights

Our quarterly events give team leaders an opportunity to coordinate efforts with designers and developers on existing community projects.

Contribute to a community project with minimal time commitment, even if you are new to Hack Night.

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