Hack 4 Good
Quarterly Hack Night

Thursday, April 16th, 2020 (6-9 pm)
eFactory, Springfield Missouri

These quarterly events give team leaders an opportunity to coordinate efforts with designers and developers on existing community projects.

Hack Night enables designers and developers who are new to this event to contribute to a community project with minimal time commitment.

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Hack 4 Good supports designers and developers who maintain the following community projects. If you would like to contribute to these projects, attend our “Hack Night” events where mentors can help you get started.

Help SGF (2016)

Mobile application used to share information about resources available to area homeless population.

Frontend: Umbraco, React Native and Ionic
Backend: .NET and SQL Server

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Life Strengths (2017)

Mobile application used to help at-risk youth through the LifeStrengths program at I Pour Life.

Frontend: React Native
Backend: Firebase and Auth0

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Northwest Project (2017)

Web-based application used to manage information related to Northwest Project grant/project.

Frontend: Bootstrap 3 and CoffeeScript
Backend: Ruby on Rails and PgSQL

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Borrow My Angel (2018)

Mobile application designed to help anyone affected by depression & suicidal crisis find strength and hope through online connections and resources.

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Workforce Development (2019)

Application that job seekers (in Springfield and surrounding areas) can use to more easily find nearby jobs based on travel time from their home address.

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