High School Contest

We were unable to host in-person events in Fall 2020, but we look forward to resuming our annual events in Fall 2021.

Friday, Nov. 1st 2019 (8am-2pm)
The eFactory | Springfield, Missouri

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Your High School students are invited to compete in our free ICPC-inspired programming competition. Prepare your students for future collegiate ACM-ICPC contests. The top 3 teams are recognized with trophies for their schools.

Not quite ready to compete? Choose the "Workshop" option when you register your team to attend training during the contest. Our mentors will work with teachers and students to help prepare your school for next year!

Contest Details

We begin the Hack 4 Good weekend with a contest designed for area High School students. Teams of 1-3 students solve 10-12 problems of varying difficulty and upload solutions to our automated live scoring system at this ICPC-inspired event. Our contest judges review results and present final results/awards during lunch.


High School Competition Contest – Hack 4 Good 2019

Contest Prep Workshop for Students and Teachers

Teams that are not quite ready to compete will be able to participate in our workshop where teachers and students work alongside our mentors. Just choose “Workshop” during registration!


High School Competition Participants – Hack 4 Good 2019

Team Rules

No more than 3 students per team
No more than 1 computer per team
No other electronic devices
Printed materials are allowed

Review Full Rules in the Team Packet:
2019 Team Packet
2018 Team Packet
2017 Team Packet

Programming Languages

Teams must write their solutions in one of the following programming languages:
Python 3, Python 2,
Java, C, C++

After the competition ends, we publish solutions to each contest problem in languages most teams used the prior year, so students can practice for next year.

If you teach another language such as C#, please Contact Us with details! We may consider allowing additional languages and preparing solutions for sample problems in the team packet.

Learn More in the Team Packet:
2018 Team Packet
2017 Team Packet

Preparing for Contest

Teams are expected to review Team Packet and be able to complete sample problems on their computer before they arrive.

Mentors can assist with technical difficulties during the contest. No other outside assistance is allowed during the contest.

Review Prior Problems and Solutions

Pricing & Registration

Registration for the first 20 teams is FREE, thanks to our Sponsors. Limit 2 free team registrations per school. Standard registration is $60 per team.

Each team may have 1-3 students. We recommend 2 students per team.

Registration includes lunch. Register by Monday October 21st 2019 to receive an event shirt.


Event Schedule

Final Schedule. Subject to minor changes.

Friday November 1st, 2019
8:00am Registration/Breakfast
(Donuts, Bagels, Coffee, Juice, Milk)
8:30am Welcome
9:00am Competition
12:30pm Lunch
(Pizza, Soda, Iced Tea)
1:00pm Results and Awards
2:00pm Dismiss

Hosted at The eFactory, Springfield Missouri

High School Competition Closing – Hack 4 Good 2017

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High School Competition Finalists – Hack 4 Good 2017

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