Register through Friday, November 2, or simply come by the eFactory at 6:00pm.

Springfield's 3nd Annual Coding Competition

Hack 4 Good Springfield 2018

November 2-4, 2018







The eFactory / 405 N Jefferson Street
Springfield, MO 65804



Here’s a Rough Schedule for the Weekend…

Friday, November 2nd
6:00pmDoors Open at the eFactory/Check-in Begins. Gather in the Cox Health Room. Meet with your team members or get to know those who still need a team (we'll help.) We're expecting about 5 teams so you can also work with the volunteers to find a space to set up for the weekend.
6:30pm-ishDinner served in the Perch. Fill your plate, then head back over to the Cox Health Room.
6:40pm-ishOfficial Welcome/Introductions of Organizers, Mentors, Participants; those who aren't on a team will have a chance to visit with others not on a team and form your own (we'll help.)
6:45 - 7:30pm-ishWe'll cover what to expect over the course of the weekend. You'll meet the iPourLife representatives, along with the individuals from Drury University who volunteered to gather the requirements for the app you'll be developing. They'll share the user case for the app, and answer your questions.
7:30 - 8:00pm-ishTime to grab your spot for the weekend; the eFactory has rooms for you to utilize and make your own. Take your equipment and your pillow (and whatever else you need to be comfortable and productive) and find your camping spot.
8:00pm-ish - ???Work with your team and decide on your schedule (some team members might want to stay, others may leave. It's all up to you!) We'll have snacks and drinks to get you through the night. For those of you leaving, we'll see you in the morning!

Saturday, November 3rd
7:30amBreakfast served in the Perch
10:00amBreak Time
11:45amLunch Served in the Perch
2:30pmBreak Time
6:00pmDinner served in the Perch.
8:00pmBreak Time

Sunday, November 4th
7:30amBreakfast served in the Perch
10:00am3 HOURS UNTIL SHOWCASE! Time to make decisions on what you can complete in 3 hours and what needs to be tabled, keeping in mind the judging criteria.
11:30amLunch Served in the Perch
12:30pmWRAP UP CODING; Presentation Order of Teams Decided.
1:00pm - 1:50-ishFinal project presentations begin; each group has 10 minutes to showcase their prototype
1:50 - 2:00pm-ishJudges Rank Team Presentations based on judging criteria.